How to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Torches are a great way to illuminate their meetings in the open air after the setting of the sun, and the torch DIY made of bottles of wine upcycled will really help to keep insects away. With a few simple supplies, hardware store, you will be a source of low cost of lighting to his soirees of summer is so practical and is elegant.

Things that you need

  • Empty bottle of wine
  • 1 / 2 inch x 3 / 8 inch copper coupling
  • Teflon sealing tape.
  • Fuse of Tiki torch, 1 / 2 inch diameter.
  • Granules of glass.
  • Tiki torch fuel citronella scent
  • The funnel


Tufts of Tiki torch, which can be found in the hall of any insect repellent and outdoor lighting from the hardware store, are usually made of fiberglass and are 1 / 2 inch diameter by approximately 9 inches long.

Tiki torch fuel is supplied from the aroma of citronella fuses at the hardware store.

Step 1: remove labels of wines

Rinse the empty bottle of wine in hot, soapy water to remove any residue of wine. Continue to implement the bottle with warm water, rubbing with your fingers or a scrubber to remove the front and labels, as well as the adhesive holding the labels back. Some bottles of wine has adhesive more than others. Be patient with a little elbow grease, labels, eventually will fall. Dry thoroughly the wine bottle clean.

Step 2: wrap the tape around the coupling

A coupling of copper, which can be found in the section of pipe at the hardware store, will be used to hold the cover in place of the wine bottle. The openings of different bottles of wine can vary, but the 1 / 2 inch by coupling 3 / 8 inch size will fit the majority of bottles. (I loaded my bottles of wine at the hardware store to make sure that fit couplings). The coupling has two sections – the widest part is fit in the opening of the bottle of wine, and the narrow part will be at the top of the torch with the wick extends outside. Because of the wide part of the coupling is usually smaller than the opening of the frasco., wrap up this section with sealing tape, Teflon thread to increase thickness. It took about 10 turns of tape for the coupling to fit comfortably in my bottle. To test it, placing the coupling to the bottle of wine, but remove it later.


Step 3: insert the fuse on the coupling

Insert a wick of Tiki torch through the coupling, with the extension of 1 / 4 inch past the tapered end of the coupling. After inserting the fuse, set it aside for now.

Step 4: granules of glass bottle place in

Fill the bottle of wine with approximately 4 inches of glass beads or glass marbles. The granules serve two purposes: to add some weight in the bottle to help keep it from tipping over, and they occupy space in the bottle, so you do not need to use both fuel citronella.


Step 5: fill the bottle with fuel

Using a funnel to fill the bottle of wine with a Tiki torch fuel up to the point where the bottle begins to decrease. Do not overfill the bottle, such as lock, hand over some of the fuel.

Step 6: insert the fuse

Enter the wick in the bottle and press firmly on the coupling to create a tight seal at the opening. Make sure that about 1 / 4 inch wick goes beyond the tip of the coupling.

Step 7: light the torch

Leave a few minutes to lock up the fuel. You will know that the fuel reached the top of the wick when there is a hint of blue as the color of the fuel. Then it is time to light the torch. Make several torches of bottle of wine for a beautiful display.


Never leave a lit torch and keep out of the reach of children and pets.