8 No-no’s for Relaxing Black Hair

The majority of black women straighten their hair by chemical means, usually by the application of a relaxing. If you want straight hairstyles, a relaxing gives you that option without worrying that your hair will revert to its texture naturally curly / weird if you get caught in the rain or swim. Your relaxing in a beauty salon, in the hands of a professional you trust is the best way to go about this process. For various reasons, some women apply relaxing at home. If you would rather alone, be sure to avoid these relaxing n – s!

1. Washing before

Before you open that kit, relaxing and mixing the chemicals, ask when was the last time you wash the hair. Cleaning or even wet your hair and scalp before you relax will burn once the chemicals are applied. This is because the scalp has not yet had time enough to “rest” to be stimulated in the final product. No matter what your regular cleaning routine, do not wash your hair at least one week before applying a relaxing. On the same note, that includes the scratch the scalp and / or the dubious practice of “lifting dandruff.” in other words, when you know that a relaxing is in your near future, let your scalp completely at peace.

2. Forgetting to untangle

In order for a relaxing work properly, he needs to reach all the new growth, or all the hair, if it is an application of the virgin. Chemical products will not be able to play all areas, if there is entanglement or mats. Now, this is not the time to perform an intense session of conditioning with a bunch of push and pull, it will irritate the scalp and lead to burns. Instead, it works with its new growth with a finger first. You may want to try this the night before his touch to your scalp has a chance to rest. After a finger soft detangle, use a wide tooth comb to work only through your hair. Stay away from your scalp as much as possible. Through all the way to the end, but not to overload a section. Disengage and move on. ‘

3. Working in large sections

As with detangling, relaxing may not cover all areas, when you work in large pieces. You must work quickly but carefully. Use the tip of the tail of a fine toothed comb to gently separate sections; do not create parts. Just use the comb to lift sections, so you can apply the relaxing for new growth. If your hair is resourceful, you must not be a problem separating sections small areas of 1 inch.

4. Overlap of chemicals

This is one of the most important problems to avoid, but is also one of the most difficult to hit. Although the line of demarcation between new and previously relaxed hair growth may be obvious, is still difficult to be as precise as you can to put a relaxing only for new growth. If you relax without help, it is especially difficult to avoid Overprocessing, in the back of his head. Not only should you rely on to help touches, you should try to visit a professional to it whenever possible. ‘

5. Through combing the relaxer

Part of the process of relaxation is the smoothing of chemical products on the hair. Smoothing, no comb. However, some women insist on gather a comb in her hair as they relax. This can lead to severe breakage. Just use your fingers to soften the chemicals in your hair.

6. Leaving chemicals in a very long time,

This is another common mistake and it is easily avoided. Each kit relaxing provides recommendations of time, and you must adhere to them. Leaving your hair to the process for a shorter period of time than the recommended is preferable to the relaxing in more time than suggested. Have a timer useful; this is not the time to watch a clock.

7. Do not use the neutralizer

There is a reason for you to buy relaxing in a box: all you need is to be included. More important than the conditioner or rod is mixed the shampoo product. You may not use your normal shampoo to stop the process of relaxation. If you do this, wait to see great breakthroughs and hair to fall in the coming days and weeks. A neutralizer to the relaxing of continuing to work on your hair and eat mainly through him. Among the problems that women face is a small bottle of shampoo is not sufficient to neutralize the long hair and / or thick. If you routinely relax at home, do me a favor and buy a bottle of this product in their separate supply of local beauty.